Volume 8 – Something Different


This solo piano volume is mostly played by Andie’s brother, Phil Hayward of Hutt.  It contains a variety of classical pieces and songs that have been requested.  Profits from this batch go to Andie Sands and Phil Hayward.
The CD for this batch will be available May 2018.   Please contact us  if you are very keen to get a CD of it.


Volume Eight includes;  Where E’er You Walk (Handel),  Sonata Pathetique (Beethoven),   Melody in F (Rubinstein),  La Marseillaise, The Holy City,  New World Symphony (Dvorak), and more (see product details below for full list)
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PIANO MUSIC – Volume 8 – Something Different
1. Auld Lang Syne
2. Hymn to Freedom by Oscar Peterson
3. In an English Country Garden
4. Kerry Dance
5. La Marseillaise
6. La Paloma
7. L ’Adieu Waltz Chopin op69-1
8. Land of Hope and Glory
9. Liebestraum by Liszt abridged
10. March Lorraine
11. Melody in F (Rubinstein)
12. New World Symphony
____ 2nd Movement (Dvorak)
13. Now O Now I Needs Must Part
14. Psalm 113 (music by E Carrén)
15. Shakespeare Where the Bee Sucks
16. Skye Boat Song
17. Sonata Pathetique
____2nd Movement (Beethoven)
18. Star Spangled Banner
19. The Holy City
20. The Minstrel Boy
21. The Second Minuet
22. To the Rising Sun
23. Waves of the Danube
______(Anniversary Waltz)
24. Where E’er You Walk (Handel)

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